The Guru got you covered! Check our extended reviews on the top credit repair companies in the US.


Check our extended reviews on the top credit repair companies, make an informed choice and improve your credit score today.


Bad credit can have a crippling effect on your lifestyle. Your purchase options will become limited and ironically, your interest rates can increase. The reasons for your bad credit report may vary. It may be a small error that’s tarnishing your credit report. Or perhaps you have a distant history of bad payments. Identity theft is another cause to this problem that many have endured. Whatever the reason, you need it cleaned up. Who can do it for you? Credit repair companies are more than willing to come to your rescue! And each one is full of delightful promises.

But do all these companies deliver on those promises? Does it matter which one you choose to manage your credit repair case? Of course it does! Choosing from a number of top credit repair companies is an important decision—one that should not be taken lightly.You may have already heard that many credit repair companies are not companies at all; they’re outright scams! So how do you make this important selection? Well, you’ll be happy to know that we have researched a number of credit repair experts. Our findings may interest you. And there’s no doubt that you’ll benefit from this valuable information.

Extended Reviews

Extended reviews on all mayor credit repair companies in the US. Our reviews are organized using several ranking  factors to help you make sense of what a company really offer and also how trustworthy they are.

Impartial reviews

We are committed to provide honest information about credit repair companies, we will tell you their strong points but also their weakness.

Guru Trust Index

Every credit repair company reviewed in our site has  a guru trust index score, this score goes from 1 to 10. By cheeking this you can know if a company can be trusted and to what extent.

What exactly is credit repair?

As mentioned, credit repair is an essential service for people who need their credit records cleaned up. It’s about restoring your reputation as a good payer. Neglecting to do this can cause you a lot of aggravations when it comes to purchasing an item on credit or applying for a credit card. Home loans are difficult enough to get approved today. So the last thing you need is additional bad credit hanging over your head.

Credit score errors run rife. It’s possible that your bad credit history has nothing at all to do with you. What’s worse is that you will not be able to identify these errors unless you have significant legal knowledge. That’s where credit repair companies come in.

What’s important for you to note is that credit repair companies do a lot more than simply ‘fix’ your scores. They actually optimize your credit scores! This means that you get awesome interest rates, preferential credit approval and of course peace of mind.


Do credit repair methods really work?

When you apply for any type of credit, the opposite party will check one thing: your FICO score. This score will tell them all they need to know about lending you money, selling you an item on credit, or approving a loan. So if this FICO score is so important, don’t you want to know how yours looks right now?

It’s super easy for your credit score to be compromised by credit bureaus. That’s because TransUnion and Experian don’t synchronize their credit scores with those of FICO—or with each other for that matter. This soon generates confusion about whether or not your credit is good or bad. Unfortunately for you, most will side with caution. The credit score industry is not as well regulated as you may think. For this reason, your credit score may end up with lots of little errors that hinder your buying power.

So can Credit Repair really help you? Yes! The top credit repair companies are experts at digging into your credit history scores and fixing any discrepancies they may find. Again, this process will ultimately optimize your credit report, enhancing your buying potential.

Consult with us before you choose a credit repair service

You will probably utilize the internet to search for a credit repair company. But the truth is there are many scammers out there. What you need is a credit repair company watchdog to ensure you are protected. That’s exactly what Credit Repair Guru does for you!

Not only will we warn you of scammers, but we’ll also highlight the best credit repair companies out there. This makes it so much easier for you to choose the one that best fits your needs. So how do we do this?

Credit Repair Guru has a set of strict service criteria by which credit repair companies are measured. This is based on past client interaction and each one’s reputation to solve credit issues. For you to find all this information, evaluate it, and compare it will take hours—perhaps even days. Credit Repair Guru has already done all this for you. Finding the top credit repair companies couldn’t be easier!

What are the criteria for this rating process?

So you may be wondering what we look at when evaluating and reviewing credit repair services. Glad you asked. There are four main factors we take into account during this process.


It’s clear that pricing plays a large part in your decision making process. While people with bad credit scores may not necessarily have financial problems, everyone is trying to save wherever they can. For this reason, we evaluate how much each credit repair company charges for their First-Work fee, as well as their monthly fee.


There are a number of important features available from credit repair companies. Not all of these features are offered by all, so we ask the questions that would ultimately matter to you.

These questions include:

Does the company offer a month to month option?
Do they provide protection form identity theft?
Is the company is licensed?
Are they bonded?
Is the company registered with the Attorney General?
Do they offer a reasonable refund policy?
All of these factors are evaluated to ensure you get the best possible option and the most benefits.


The best credit repair companies will include certain important services. These services are basically steps that are taken to ensure optimal satisfaction on your part.

They include:

An initial credit score analysis
A discounted price for couples
A dedicated account manager that’s assigned to your case
A privacy protection policy
A payoff resolution plan


How the company deals with their customers is an important factor Credit Repair Guru also looks at. Whether the company communicates efficiently via various channels will play a large role in our analysis. At the end of the day, we know that service and communication are important to you while you deal with your account manager.

Who are the top three credit repair companies?

Based on the above criteria, there are three companies that always come out tops. You’re probably curious to know who they are, right? Well, here’s our top three list:
Sky Blue Credit
Lexington Law

In terms of price, features, services and support these companies have proven themselves over and over again. And don’t take our word for it. It’s customers like you who have provided us with this feedback. Which brings us to our next point.

You play an important role in rating credit repair companies

Your opinion is the only one that really matters. If you haven’t received good service, chances are the next customer won’t either. That’s why we encourage you to give us your feedback when dealing with credit repair companies. Every time you do, we take that information and make it available to others.

Credit Repair Guru will provide customers like you with a contact form where you give us your own credit repair reviews. This form will contain a number of questions and feedback sections. Based on your experience, you will give us a detailed account of the service you received. The same criteria as mentioned above will be reviewed when you fill out this form.

Because you’ve had firsthand experiences with the company in question, your feedback is invaluable to us. With your help, we can accurately help others to find the best credit repair companies out there.

We have reviews on the top companies in the market, see our extended report here

How can you avoid credit repair scams?

If you’ve already fallen prey to credit repair scams on the internet, we’d like to express our apologies. There are so many scams out there at the moment that the industry is starting to get a bad reputation. So how can you avoid this from happening?

This is one of the services you can expect from us. Credit Repair Guru will highlight scammers in the industry and post warnings accordingly. This site will act as a reference point for you. If you are considering dealing with a credit repair company, check with us first to see if they are legit.

And even those that are legitimate companies may have their flaws. If you allow us to keep you updated on these companies, you will be prepared to deal with them on all levels.

The transition between having a bad credit score to having a good one just got a little easier. Hopefully you are beginning to see the benefits of staying in touch with Credit Repair Guru. Not only will you receive an invaluable amount of credit repair reviews on our site, but you will have the opportunity to give us your own! So let us be your go-to site for this important service. It’s one less issue you need to worry about. We’ve done all the research for you—all you need to do is take a look.